dental implants cost

Dental Implants Cost

We are here to make your Dental Implants treatment affordable and work around your budget offering various financial solutions. You will find that fees vary enormously from

clinic to clinic; as does the quality and appearance of the tooth implants performed. Our fees are based on the quality of the materials we use and our experience and expertise
in the fields of Cosmetic and Implant dentistry. We have made a commitment to all of our patients to assist them in optimally managing their dental implants cost, allowing our
patients to comfortably fit the costs of tooth implants into their monthly budgets while receiving proper and timely care.

Fee Guide

No two patients or their customized dental implant treatments are exactly alike, so the number of appointments, procedures and cost varies accordingly. After an initial appointment and assessment, your dental implant expert should provide you with a treatment plan including the estimated number of appointments and cost, and then notify you if there are any changes during the process.

Because your teeth affect everything from your smile and confidence, to your ability to eat, speak and participate in the activities you enjoy, and because there is no better option to restore missing teeth, dental implants are an investment well worth considering.

There are no standard set fees in Cosmetic dentistry as every patient is different and therefore, each treatment is unique. Our fees reflect the high standard of care and quality we provide and it is important to us to ensure that you are completely satisfied with each procedure.

  • Dental Implants initial assessment £90.00
  • Single Implant from £2400
  • Simple Bone Graft from £350
  • Sinus Lift with grafting from £1500
  • Implant Retained Lower Denture from £4,700
  • Implant Retainer Upper Denture from £10000
  • Full lower implant-fixed bridge supporting ten teeth inclusive of tooth implant placement and reconstruction from £12.000
  • Full upper implant bridge supporting ten teeth inclusive of implant placement and reconstruction from £14000

Affordable Dental Implants - Are they really such A good Idea?

There’s no getting away from the fact that dental implants are on the rise. In fact in 2014 over 300.000 people underwent surgery for dental implants in the UK and this figure is only set to increase. As the demand increases then so are the number of companies that supply them. In what’s fast becoming a saturated market place manufacturers need to be competitive and the results are that some manufacturers are making cheaper implants. The question is, are cheap dental implants really such a good idea?

One of the main issues is that by its very nature a dental implant is a costly item. It’s a precision engineered piece of equipment that utilises expensive materials such as titanium (for its lightweight strength, durability and it’s ability to osseointegrate), ceramics for its tooth-like qualities. When you also take into account the amount of time needed to complete the whole process (in some cases up to 9 months) and the specialised nature of fitting them, it comes as no surprise that implants don’t come cheap.

Some companies in order to bring down the manufacturing costs , they substitute pure titanium for lower grade and less expensive materials. Whilst this isn’t illegal, it may have an impact on the effects and indeed the longevity of the implant. Another problem is that some dentists see an increased profit margin if they can buy cheaper and therefore use this to bring down the costs of their overheads.

If you’re looking for quality dental implants and a service to match then you really should avoid any clinic or service offering cost price or exceptionally cheap implants. While you may think that you’re saving money, the truth is that in the long run cheap implants could cause problems which can be expensive to put right.

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