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Smile Design

Healthy, confident, and beautiful—that’s how you should feel after having your smile designed by Dr. Tehranian. He always works from a facial aesthetic standpoint. This means all cosmetic dentistry he provides is completed with an in-depth exploration of how it will fit your entire face. This is a unique approach Dr. Tehranian takes to create stunning, natural new smiles that match each individual’s characteristics and personality precisely.

Your smile design begins with a comprehensive consultation where we will listen to and understand your desires. Every individual is unique, with unique expectations that need to be approached with care and attention. By truly understanding your concerns and assessing your smile in relationship to your entire face, We can better deliver on these expectations.

Combining modern cosmetic treatments such as Porcelain veneers, dental implants, and Teeth whitening to bring your face shape, colouring, and smile contours into harmony is the essence of smile design. In fact, We can actually change the way the lower third of your face looks – much like a facelift creating a more youthful looking appearance.

As an artist and leader in cosmetic dentistry in Lancashire, Dr. Tehranian can frame your smile to your face so that the two complement each other naturally. Request your consultation on 01772 - 726932 to get started today!

The Making of a Smile

First visit Your smile begins with a personal consultation listening to and understanding your desires are among the most important aspects of creating a new smile. 

Second Appointment Your treatment plan will be examined and a temporary smile fitted. Your teeth will be slightly shaped and fit with temporary restorations. This allows you to test-drive your new smile before your permanent veneers are being crafted.

Third Appointment You’ll return to provide us with any feedback you have regarding the look and feel of your temporary smile. Any needed adjustments will be communicated to our Master ceramist and a new mould of your teeth will be created to begin crafting your new smile porcelain veneers.

Fourth Appointment your temporary restorations will be replaced with the new porcelain veneers. The final touches will be applied, and you’ll leave with your new smile.

Follow Up With good hygiene and regular dental check-ups, your new smile by is meant to last a lifetime!