Titanium Dental Implants treatment

Tooth Implants , Permanent Solution to Tooth loss

If you are missing one tooth or more, you may soon find that there are other things you miss. You may miss the comfort of your own teeth, the ability to enjoy harder foods, unrestrained laughter. In short, you may miss living as you have always lived.
Fortunately, you can choose among a number of different solutions to replace your missing teeth. But there is only one perfect solution. When you replace one tooth or several teeth with dental implants you don't harm either other teeth or your gums. Tooth implants feel and serve exactly like real teeth. Furthermore they stay in place for as long as, or even longer, than real teeth.

Dental Implants Treatment - The Natural Solution

1st visit - Tooth Implants Consultation
At this initial appointment we discuss your wish list, the benefits of dental implant treatment and considerations. Whether it is for restoring missing teeth, improving chewing, replacing loose dentures or failed bridges , tooth implants usually are the best long-term option for these situations. We take necessary X-rays, impressions and gather other essential data required for diagnosis and implant treatment planning.

2nd visit - Diagnosis and implant treatment planning
At this appointment X-rays and other diagnostic information is discussed and a treatment plan is devised,discussed and approved by you.

3rd visit - Diagnostic preview and surgical template
From the diagnostic information a surgical template is made for accurate placement of implants in the mouth and a diagnostic preview of the final result is made and approved by you for a predictable and pleasing end result. With our 3D mock-up modeling system, you can see exactly what your new smile will look like before undergoing the implant treatment.

4th visit - Dental Implants Placement
At this appointment we place your titanium Implants and provide you with a temporary restoration based on the agreed diagnostic preview to restore your smile and and function whilst your dental implants are healing.

Final Restoration appointment.
3-6 months later, when the dental implants have healed ,the final implant supported restorations (crowns, bridges or dentures) are fitted and tweaked to your satisfaction.

You will receive care instructions when your tooth implant treatment is completed. Good oral hygiene, eating habits, and regular dental visits will aid in the life of your new dental implants.

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